Sunday, December 11, 2011

Resto: What's next I hear you asking??

Always plenty to do at this stage and even though I have just hung the doors and centre posts they will all be removed again after the rear tub is repaired and installed so that I where I have inserted metal washers as spacers between the hinges and timbers, to get the doors to sit correctly, I will make up properly fitting metal plates of various thickness's and re-bolt it all back together door by door again to make it a good job.
Next on the cards the radiator is coming out as it has twisted slightly at the base, probably due to Ray driving like some old  "moonshine runner" down Contour Road at 45mph and then into that nasty left-hander past the water pumping station  as Monty easily stirs up those sort of feelings and images from deep within when you get behind that timber steering wheel as it's all right foot and no stopping in a hurry......Anyway so the bonnet does not sit square which in turn then throws the bonnet out of square with the front of the cowl, it all has a flow on affect.....
I have heard of blokes beginning at the radiator and working back from there with a rebuild, only to get to the middle and it is out of square and then I have heard stories of restorations beginning with the rear tub and working their way forward only to be short at the front.  You must get the cowl in the correct position, level and square and then work forward and back from there this point, well it seems to be working me so far!!

This photo was taken a few weeks back before the doors went on and it shows the bonnet and radiator not joining up as it should, it will be an easy fix up and also the front guards are just sitting there loosely. 

When inspecting the two lower bolts that hold the radiator in place, I gave one a little pressure with the ring spanner and the old rusty bolt broke straight off, so out it will come and once again I will give that area a good buff, clean and paint, I have new bolts ready to re-install and also while we are in there remove the front timing cover as it is leaking a little to much oil and it is the perfect opportunity to inspect and install a new timing cover gasket and timing plate gasket which I have ordered from the states, then back on with the bonnet.

The vacuum fuel tank can be re-installed to the firewall & all the fuel lines plumped up and also months ago I purchased a early FX Holden external oil filter canister which will be installed to the firewall and all the oil feeding pipework re-plumped from the engine to the filter and back, also I have a brand new wiring harness that we can install and run throughout the car....

This is the external Holden oil filter canister that will mount onto the firewall

So there is enough, head scratching and worries there to keep the old workshop jump'in over the Christmas break..... Cheers

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