Monday, December 12, 2011

Resto: The rear tub has a little rust

Pictured is the rear tub section of Monty which is sitting nose down on top of my work table, as you can see there is "a little rust" along the lower rear edge that will need fixing before any further work on it can take place the rest of it is in good condition considering as dad said Monty had a lot of leaves and debris in it due to the car being left under a big old tree for a good few years before he found it, so know doubt the rust was caused from this and luckily for me all the original timber is still there and intact for me to make patterns off when the time comes to do so...Yes a little challenging but do-able I think!!

I spoke to the local panel guy this morning who called by to have a look, "no problems, just leave it all together and do not remove any timber just yet", he will cut out the old rusted section and then weld in and shape up the new metal to match the old, all to easy for some..... then it's up to me to finish it off with a few top coats of red oxide.... Love that look!!!

Then I will remove all the old timbers carefully which is a slow process as the frame is all nailed along its entire edge, plus by being careful I end up with good patterns to copy the new timbers from, also the metal surface on the inside of the tub needs a real good buffing with the wire wheel on the grinder to bring it up nice and rustic looking...

I will post up some more photos when it has been cleaned up and is a little more presentable...... Cheers

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