Friday, December 16, 2011

Resto - Radiator Removal Uncovers Years Of Grime

Today was meant to be a family day out as we had planned for the last few weeks, my wifes birthday was the occasion but with a family member sick and unwell things were put on hold and changed.
Well I made my way out to the workshop after lunch and grinded off the remaining rusty old seized bolt that held the radiator in place, drained out the water, undone  the clamps on the upper and lower hoses and lifted out the radiator from where it had sat all it's 83years to reveal and good amount of grime, dirt and hard packed on grease...

I put the paint scraper straight to work and also the can of degreaser was sprayed about here and there, next in came the garden hose after all the thicker crap was removed, some more degreaser applied and then a quick lite squirt with the hose to removed the degreaser..... Starting to look good!.

Next compressed air to blow and dry it all down and then out came the heavy duty wire wheel on the 100mm angle grinder to really buff up that steel cross member at the front that supports the radiator then some more compressed air with a smaller wire wheel attachment was used for the smaller hard to get into spots and after about an hours work it was spotless, like bloody new again!! but I couldn't say that about myself......

Now it is already for the front pulley and timming cover to be removed and new gaskets installed when they arrive from the USA hopefully this coming week and that should stop the small annoying oil leak .
The radiator itself will get a bit of a tidy up and buffing but it is surprisingly very good, just along the very bottom edge where it mounts to the main chassis on the car needs some work but nothing to major.... It has to remain old looking.
BTW I picked up a complete 1928 radiator shroud in very good original condition from the USA which is now sitting in my mates "barn" in Ohio,  I paid $38 for it ........BARGAIN.

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  1. There is a real trick to replacing the timing cover to prevent leaks. Do some searching as it has been covered well.