Friday, December 23, 2011

Yes He Loved His Chocolate

One quirky little memory that I have tucked away but have also missed the past couple of Christmas's and Easter's is dad's fascination for chocolate, he could eat it by the block full and it would be nothing for him on a Friday night after a large roast dinner and a heaped up bowl of dessert to then find his way over tothe lounge room couch after a hard weeks work, switch on the old "Phillips" coloured TV with high gloss wood vaneer exterior finish and select one of his favorite ABC shows like "The Two Ronnies", "Dads Army" or "Are You Being Served" and then slowly polish off a large block of either "Old Jamaican Rum" or "Fruit n Nut" chocolate and dad was one of those people that could eat and eat and stay the same weight over a lifetime, well that changed a little when he retired but his chocolate habit did not.......

 So one year we got him this for Easter

Cheers dad xxoo

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