Thursday, December 29, 2011

Resto: Valve Cover Gaskets - Compare Old With New

In the same parcel that arrived the other day with my timing cover gasket from the "Filling Station" in the USA who are an early Chevrolet parts supplier of many year, I also found 2 new valve cover gaskets, a new oil sump gasket kit which will be installed sometime in the future and a new radiator cap rubber which Monty was missing and I can now report that the radiator cap now does up nice and snug....
This morning I refitted the aluminum bonnet guide strap, well thats what I will call it?'s the strap that wraps right up and over the cowl and fits up to the rear edge of the bonnet and BTW it went on and lined up beautifully.
After that was completed I removed the rocker cover lid and the 2 x old peices of very stiff thick cardboard that have been sitting there for many years doing a rather half hearted job of stopping excess hot oil from pissing out of gap and then running down the side of the engine block and eventually onto the floor, but then it ain't an old Chevy without any oil leaks so I"ll  never stop them all.

Check out the old "gaskets" if you can call them that on the right, compared to the new soft ones that are now fitted.

One lovely old sweet motor with an oily felt pad.

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