Saturday, February 11, 2012

Resto: Seat Tray and Original ID Tags Installed

Well it's pouring rain here now in Trafalgar on what was to begin with was a lovely sunny Sunday morning, so with the family occupied with their own things I got out into the shed for a couple of hours before lunch and attached the original identification tags to the new timbers on the passenger side frame and lower front seat section on the drivers side and this was after I gave them a little buffing up which made then easier to read..
PS if anyone and I know there are quite a few of you that know what each number represents on the tags, could you email me and I can list the info on here please... Thanks

Also this morning I made some modifications to some timbers to make the metal under seat storage tray fit into place, now it fits perfect but I have also been told that while it is out of the car it is a good time to make a very useful modfication and that is to extend the tray sides 3 inches deeper so to fit more spares and gear in under the seat when out on the road driving around in years to come, so this will be completed this week...

Once again thanks heaps for the interest

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