Friday, February 3, 2012

Resto: Timber Floor Goes Down

Saturday again, hell they come around quick don't they!! so after a few home duties were taken care of, I managed to get a few hours out in the shed on the Chevy..
Firstly I had to tidy up a bit a wiring on the harness that has had me a little worried because it passes close in one particular spot to the exhaust pipe at the firewall, which I am now happy with after some adjustments, then I removed the old broken off connections from the brake light unit, cleaned it all up and then ran the two new wires off the harness through the bendy metal protection tubing that bolts onto the top of the gearbox, attached new connections to the 2 ends of the wires, crimped and tighten then up on the brake light unit... All good and another job to tick off the list :)

Yesterday I called past TM&H Hardware and picked out a few very nice short lenghts of 185mm x 19mm KD local ash hardwood which I will use for the floor boards in Monty so with that on my mind and the timbers leaning up against the work bench I got straight into it..
I have decided to keep the 2 x original timbers that run up the fireawall and have the startor button, throttle and foot rest attached to them, so I removed them again and poured some "Chair-Loc" over the front, back and edges of them then I put them out in the sun to "tack off" quickly, the "chair loc" will get into the grain and harden then up nice and tight, guaranteed to work!!

Before I started this morning

Next was to copy then cut out and shape up the first peice of timber the will fit around the gear and brake levers, this was again rather easy to do as I took my time and did not rush anything, I am learning fast not to rush things, have a good think and then go for it!!
With the timber cut to lenght to fit in between the 2 x main timber rails and 2 x holes cut out of the timber to fit around the levers, I positioned the timber and then wacked it with a hammer to put an indent on the underside where the 4 gearbox bolts sit higher up and have to be cut out also, this was quickly done and the first piece fitted like a bum in a bucket... It was time for a coffee by now.

 Next the the 2nd and 3rd peices were both straight forward and both lengths fitted up nice and firm to give me a floor that resembles some fancy table top, just a little to flashly for my ole Chev I feel.
next I will have to install or rather cut out the square cover which will give me access to the battery which is right where the passengers feet go....

So here is the end result of a few hours work, also I will have to stain the bare timber soon and for those of you wondering why I did not go right back and fill in the entire floor is because the front seat frame once installed has a metal tray underneath it so no timber floor is required that far back, but again there will be flooring behind the front seat to the start of the rear seat for the passengers, that if you are game enough to ride in the back....

Thanks for taking an interest and following the progress, Cheers

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