Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Resto: Front Seat lattice Made & Installed

Well over the past couple of weeks, time and also the opportunity to get some work completed on the Chevy has been available to me but to be honest it has been a rather lack-luster effort of my behalf, why you ask?? well at this time of the year there are always some major gardening / pruning jobs to complete before winter kicks in so I have been basically side tracked away from the resto shed but it's all to my own choosing..

So last Saturday afternoon I ran over to the hardware and picked out a couple of lengths of KD hardwood, came home, switched on the radio then quickly knocked up the front seat lower removable "lattice" section of the seat, this is the top section of the under seat storage area...

Once again a couple of random pix of Monty are always called ya like my NOS canvas water bag from ebay for $21.00 and it really should be on the front under the radiator where it will stay once we are road bound and wandering some dusty backroads..

Anyways that about it for now, with work to start on the rear tub section this weekend hopefully. Thanks.

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