Friday, March 16, 2012

Resto: Rear Tub Section Was Started Today

Today I made a little more progress and jumped into working on the rear tub section of Monty, but first one important job had to be complete and that was to take many many photos and store then away on the computer for future reference, which no-doubt I will need as I make up the new timber and refit them over the following weeks

I removed the two heavier timbers from each side which attach to the rear end of the main timber rails and also which hold on the "rusted" old metal under seat tray or which was left of it, and kept this all in one piece for ease of coping...
With that removed the bodywork is now floppy, so I decided to leave the remaining timbers around the top edge intact for now so that it holds it together and is easier to shift on my own around the workshop. once I install the new base timbers and metal tray and mount them to the main timber rails then I will remove the others... Well that is the plan for now??
Next it all went up on the old family kitchen table which now serves as a resto shed work bench then out came the marvelous, most talked about "Rustbuster" which I have now brushed on the inside of the tub only and will leave until it all turns a lovely shade of blue, then the wire brush on the angle grinder will give it a work over and I will repeat with another coat, see what happens..

Here are a few pix of the works mentioned and thanks once again for taking an interest

As you can see the timbers are badly rotten and soft in places

Brushing on the "Rustbuster" and pretty much instantly the change in colour is noticeable

Now all I have to do is get that onto there....  HHHHmmmmmmmmmm

Measurements have now been taken and a list has been written up of the new timbers that I will need which will be collected this week and then the fun will start, talk to you soon, Cheers.

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