Sunday, March 18, 2012

Resto: Rear Tub Section Progress

With the girls off shopping and Codi laying low after a late Saturday night with some of his mates I had a green light after lunch to get straight out in the shed and make some more progress on the rear tub timber work of the Chevy for a few hours and I didn't waste anytime in making a start.
As the photo shows below, first I placed the old "saved" timbers back up onto the chassis and roughly worked out what went where and how it will all bolt up to the new main timber rail.

So with a more clearer picture of it all now in my head, next it was off to the work bench I headed with a spring in my step and not before to long I had one side completed and was feeling very confident about the outcome..

With one side completed which seemed to fit very well I quickly had the other side built and with them both sitting side by side on the bench and looking good, this sunny Sunday afternoon was another one to smile about.
With that done I reached for the new metal tray section that I purchased from "Old Era Services" in NSW then sat that and the two newly built timber pieces on the chassis and clamped them all together and I can say that I am very happy with my 3 hours of work today.

After I cleaned up the shed, bloody sawdust!! and then packed away all my woodworking tools, the inlaws appeared out of nowhere and walked down the driveway for a cuppa and a chat...... 1 hour later and with goodbye's all done and dusted I rolled out the rear tub on the table, plugged in the angle grinder with the heavy duty wire wheel attachment and gave the insde of the tub the once over and combined with the "rustbuster" from yesterday it came up very nicely. I quickly brushed on another coat of "rustbuster" and will leave that for another day to work its magic.....Thanks for your interest, Cheers

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