Friday, March 23, 2012

Resto: The rear tub timber work is coming along nicely

Again for my Saturday morning I was out in the resto shed early laying out all the gear and power leads and by 8.30am I had the timber thicknesser cranked up as I was thinning down some timbers for the chev and once again neighbours, I'm sorry about the noise as considering the compact size of the thicknesser it pumps out a mighty loud sound.......very bloody loud infact!!

So today I wanted to get the lower back timber of the tub shaped up, sitting nice and attached to the 2 x side sections that I made last weekend and then also have the rear metal tray screwed and attached to all these 3 timber sections.... well, that I achieved after a couple of hours and was ready for an early lunch, the day was going great and I was happy with the result..

One rear timber shaped, checked out and completed.

 Below the 3 sections are screwed and attached to under seat metal tray

After lunch my son Codi came out and gave me a hand to lift the rear tub back onto the chassis to see if all this bloody work and effort was worth it and that it will all fit together soon and line up as planned..... YES it did,  "Good job dad", codi said, that made me grin !!
Anyway after running our eyes up and down the lines of the bodywork and admiring the chev again with the tub inplace we quickly lifted it back off again and placed  the tub back up on the bench as I now wanted to make the rear under seat "lattice" type frame..

And below is the end result of that which I had knocked up and completed by about 2pm...

So today with another very productive few hours of work completed and achieved, I feel my confidence growing all the time the more I work on ole Monty and we are getting there although slowly and I'm sorry if the blog must seem a little slow and boring to some but this sort of work is time consuming for the best of them and even more so for myself as I am a novice woodworker fumbling my way along as I tackle each piece at a time, but saying that this has to be the most rewarding, "outside the square" challenge that I have ever had a go at, when that door closes of a night. the hand reaches out for the light switch and the shed fall in darkness then I walk away from it all, my head is buzzing with pride on what and how this car resto is progressing...

Thanks for looking in from time to time and cheers

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  1. Well Done!!!!!

    Don't even entertain the thought that you are going slow. You have achieved more in 12 months than others would have in 5 years. Bit by bit, week by week.

    Bravo Monty.

    PS. Shame that your camera keeps malfunctioning and changing to black and white.

    Heh heh heh