Saturday, April 14, 2012

Resto: 1928 Chevrolet timbers nearly completed


Well I have had a couple of really productive seasions out in the resto shed on ole Monty, the rear tub timbers with everything expect the corners are now cut to shape, sanded and sitting in place nicely just waiting to the screwed together and then nailed to the tub.....

So basically all the bigger timber items that I had to make up myself are now finished, yes there are alot of little things to now go back over and re-check but when I stand back and have a good look at all that has been acheived I am extremely happy with the outcome..... So I will let the photos below to some more talking for me.

This little machine below is just the best unit, its's a Ryobi thicknesser.... I love it......

Thank you all for talking an interest and looking in on my progress from time to time and in saying that the next thing to do over the coming weeks is:

  • Raise the body off the chassis again to install some webbing between the chassis and mail timber rails.
  • Install the 2 x valances and side steps.
  • Install the front and rear guards.
  • Install the front headlights and mounting beam
  • Complete the wiring to the lights.
That will do it for now as the list is just to long, but it is getting shorter by the day  :)

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