Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Resto: Windscreen Comes Off Again


With the thought of one day driving this old banger on the road looming closer and closer it was mentioned that the old windscreen glass come out of the frame and off to the auto glass man we head asap with the 2 x old pieces in hand to get some modern safety auto glass cut to the exact size which will then be reassembled back together and installed onto the car so with that plan in mind I quickly set about and completely pulled apart the old windscreen frame...
There was little rust in the glass channels of the frame, the old glass come out easily and is still intact but all in all and after a good clean up the frame is in very good condition, apart from a couple of small caps that were rusted through, which I will try and track down some others to replace them..

Monty now windscreenless and looking like a dirt track racer

The windscreen frame is on the bench here somewhere dismantelled along with some rear tub brackets, rear spare tyre holder and front headlights which are all getting some TLC

The rear tub is now sitting on the car nice and solid as I installed to 2 x heavy interior "Y" brackets to the side timbers and floor just behind the rear door opening, also now the 2 x rear doors can now be closed securely due to the "Y" brackets being install which is good to see and do.
I only have a couple of smaller jobs on the rear tub to finish and then the complete timber frame of the car will be lifted up off the chassis to install some webbing which will sit between the chassis and the timber frame which will stop any squeaks from the contact.

As I mentioned today I have removed the spare tyre holder from the rear of the car so that when we lift the frame up from the chassis it will be easier and give us more room to then nail the lower underside of the rear tub to the new timber frame also it will give me a chance to try and straighten the holder up a little, yes that was wonky also just like the rest of Monty......

Won't be long now and I will have to get the seat framework which has been hanging down from the shed roof along with the guards/fenders and give the 4 x sections the once over before the auto interior man to so his thing and make it all a little more comfy........

Many thanks for checking in on me from time to time, some weeks feel very productive and others seem like nothing has happen at all, I wouldn't say unproductive just slow and then there are the small fiddley hidden jobs that take quite sometime to complete but are unnoticeable to the eye when you stand back and look so I understand that sometimes you can look in on the blog and see that nothing has changed, "old Monty looks the bloody same" I hear you say but I can assure you that it is constantly being tweaked and slowly being moulded into the lovely old vintage car that dad would be so proud of to see driving about the streets of his home town, Trafalgar....  We are getting closer :)

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