Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Retso: Rims and Tyres Come Apart


Today I put Monty up on "the blocks" again? why you ask, well I have to removed the split rims which house the tyres from the timber spoke wheel, and once removed then the tyres have to come off the split rims.
This was only done quickly 18months ago when I originally got the chevy started and rolled it out of dads shed for the first time and back then only two of the tyres had punctures and would not hold air so the local tyre service quickly installed only 2 thin 21" motorcycle tubes to get me rolling which is all they had at the time, and they have held and worked ok and done the job

 The trick now once the rims and tyres were apart was to see just what condition the inside of the rims were in, I have been told that you can get alot of rust build up inside there and that is why you must use and run with a "rust band" which protects the tube from getting a hole in it when it presses against the wall of the metal rim... Well again my findings once they were all apart was that there was very little rust at all on the rims with only the slightest amount of light surface rust showing.... A good buffing up with the wire wheel, some etch primer and then a coat or two of black kill rust and all should be good for many more years to come..
Also one of the tyres a "Dunlop Balloon" is still in very good condition and will be used as a spare on the rear of the car when the time comes.

To my surprise one of the tyres once I pulled it apart revealed a red tube inside, I have never seen a red inner tube before in my life so I wonder just how old it actually is? and stamped on it was "DUNLOP PERDRIAU"

This will look good up on my collection of original parts on the wall in my shed along with the four old tyres

Just another step closer to that day.................... Cheers

UPDATE: Last night I had a reply for a Chev forum member who said : "Natural rubber tubes were often red. They are highly sought after by some of the collectors and purists. Apparently they have superior air holding properties compared with period synthetic rubber tubes. I have one that is obviously decades old and still supple."  ........ Thanks Chipper

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