Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Resto: Rims Now Painted.......


Things are happening rather slow lately with this restoration and it is not through lack of enthusiasm on my behalf also the cold weather does not help my cause, cold weather and tin sheds are not a good combination, but I am waiting on some parts to show up from various stores and tradies....
My windscreen is still at the glazier not finished, I am waiting on a new 6volt coil from the local Supercheap Autos store who said it would be a 3 weeks wait and that time is now up, also I am waiting on 4 x new Hella indicators, a flasher can and 6 volt globes from the local auto electrician which should be here soon and also some timber sections for the seat corners that I had trouble reproducing are to arrive soon from a well respected tradie..... So as you can see it is a waiting game!!

Anyway I have managed to get the 4 x rims rubbed back, cleaned up and painted in a good primer for when I install new tubes, rust bands and finally new Firestone 4.50 x 21" tyres.... NICE!!
I also tracked down another rim in good condition which now gives me 5 rims in total so I will now be able to have a fully operational and reliable spare tyre hanging off the back tub of Monty if the need ever arises to use one, hopefully not and fingers crossed that it will never be needed.

As shown previously, rims straight off the car and tyres removed.

Rims all cleaned and getting "the warm treatment"  before primer is added and also noticed the concentration on my apprentice having a nap on the seat as winter time in our signshop with the wood fire glowing is the place to be...

One of the original rims on the right in black primer, still like new after 84years, very smooth and no rust

All 5 rims painted and ready after 2 coats of Cold Gal paint..... Lovely 

So that's about it for now and no doubt when items arrive they will be put to good use quickly as the middle of the year is here in a couple of days, which means I have 6 months to get this done......... It will happen :)

Thanks for looking in from time to time..... I appreciate it and it means a lot to me. Cheers Grant.

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  1. Please Sir,

    Can I book the Trafalgar Taxi for a coffee run to Yaragon on the 27th December. I would like your older model, the one with no roof, and funny wooden wheels.