Sunday, June 10, 2012

Resto: New windscreen is fitted


With the arrival of my new 6volt Bosch coil the other day, I quickly had it installed onto Monty and once again when I hit the startor botton with my foot it fired into life straightaway and sat there ticking over lovely....
The next day I also made a trip back to the auto glass business and picked up my newly installed  laminated windscreen which had been fitted up into the old frame and now has been mounted back up onto the cowl on the car and oh how clear the view is from the drivers seat..


I have also just brought 4 x small Hella indicators, a flasher can unit, a Holden FX indicator switch, bulbs and a roll of 4mm wire for the installation of the blinkers which will happen over the next coming weeks and when it happens I will post up some photos......

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