Friday, June 29, 2012

100 Miles travelled This Week

This morning my son Codi and I installed a new simple freestanding sign for a church in Moe, but I made a little spelling error, Buggar!!, which I found out about when I got back to the workshop so I decided there and then to correct it asap, so I jumped in the old Chevy for its first official "on site job" and proceeded to then racked up a further 30 miles bringing the weekly total to 100miles travelled and btw it very much hates a strong head wind but is purring along lovely just the same.

Pulled into the servo to fuel up the ole Chevy today after another 27 miles and once again weird looks and stares from fellow motorists, with people bee-lining straight over for a chat and a closer look which is a little funny as they fire questions at you, "What is it?", "How old in it?", "Hope ya heaters working mate", "Where'd ya get that from" and "How fast it go", I have a laugh and throw back some curly responses as I fill up the tank and walk in to pay for the fuel, then the attendant starts asking more as I pay.... But today as I came outside, to rug back up and jump in, there are 3 more people with cameras hovering around clicking away and the questions start over again. Soon I am on my way and off the down highway and headed to Yarragon for a run and by 12.40 the latte brigade are out in full swing and all logoed up as I pull into a only spot left in the busy street right outside the pub and when I returned from the cafe it was on for young n old, I just had to stand back and have a laugh as I watched peoples faces looking at Monty and this is when all the hard work from the resto is worth it as old cars like this should be out on the roads for all to see again and I said to dad under my breath "What have we done pop".... I soon walked over to jump in after a minute or two and this lady came out from the pub with her young son as I hit the startor button as they wanted to sit in it and get a photo which they did as I stood to the side and then they went off happy. - It's all just a little silly folks, its just a bloody old rusty car. Cheers
127 Miles travelled now..

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