Friday, July 6, 2012

Total now 173miles



What a beautiful day it was....although chilly it was a perfect sunny saturday and after the morning fog cleared around 11am I was out in the Chevy and reversing it out the driveway, for the ladies were off shopping together, my son was at a mates place so I had a good few hours to myself so with a couple of layers of clothing under my winter motorcycle jacket, plus gloves and neck sock it was me, one old car and the open road........ destination? not to sure just yet.

I get down to the corner at the Princes Hwy and point the radiator cap west for I now must build up the confidence levels a little and veture beyond the township of Yarragon, 10 kms away, which has been the furtherest that I have gone from home, so today Warragul was my new destination for I wanted to go and show the chevy to dads younger brother, Uncle Pete.

It was to easy, didn't miss a beat, straight down the freeway and into Warragul, through the round about, up Smith Street and then out up Victoria Street to the edge of town to my uncles place, he and aunty came out all smiles as I pulled up a hit the klaxton horn, they were happy to see it as they had looked in from time to time on the blog..... "Gee's bud, Waynie would be proud of ya, he'd love to see it running again, well done bud, great job"......   That said it all.

After about 40 mintues I said goodbye and waved them was off as I drove ou the gate and headed a little further north to the small township of Buln Buln as this is where the in-laws live on a property and I was feeling like a quick cuppa before the drive home...... BONUS, as I opened the door, Kevin my father inlaw was cooking steak and egg sandwiches for lunch, yes please!, don't mind if i do!.

With my hot coffee coming to an end, the worlds problems all solved, plus some fruit cake eaten, I was again driving out the gate and this time headed east back towards home which is about 30 miles away out onto Bloomfields Road and then down towards the Princes Hwy again and all went well as I am now getting to know and understand this old vintage car, its rattles and squeaks, now it handles on hills, cornering and stopping distances required, and yes my confidence is growing with what it can do and how easily it does it which is all bloody good fun...

This quick vid was taken while travelling along Bloomfields Road towards Nilma North, rough yes but its just a bit of fun and I'm sorry about the speedo shot because I didn't come out to clear but I was sitting on 45 mph..........Cheers


Oil and Filter Change.

Yep, this morning I dropped out the oil and installed a new oil filter while I was at it, this is the fourth change in 18months since the resto began, with the first 2 changes just to flush the engine after idle revs etc, and the 3rd after approx 15 miles travelled over a 12 month period at slow to 20 -30mph speeds.
It had only been 170miles (approx 290kms) since I changed it the last time which was only a few weeks back and the reason being is with the recent driving "test" at 45-50mph and also the distances that I have travelled, this naturally gets the engine up to a good hot running temp for longish periods of time which this old motor has not done for many years and I am finding that the oil is turning a darkish brown over that short period of time and hopefully the colour changing will slow down the more I use and run the engine at good speeds and it cleans and levels itself out.

Cheers and thanks for looking in from time to time.

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