Sunday, June 17, 2012

Resto: Let There Be Light


"Let There Be Light".......
Well indicators, tail light and brake light to begin with, headlights, cowl and dash lights are to come.

Yes today which being our traditional Sunday working bee day on the Chev, Ray and I installed the indicators, taillight and brake light, well mainly Ray done the bulk of the work as electrics and myself are not a good combination as I hate the stuff .
We ran all the wires as old Monty had never had indicators fitted before in its life so it was a little fun and time comsuming job, 7 hours in fact to lay it all out and thread it all around, over, under and through all the tightest of places but in the end we have it all working great and the little "Hella" amber lights look neat and will also provide some much needed safety when out in the fast moving traffic once we are registered and all set to go...

Hmmm, there's an orange wire left over...

The small "Hella" lights below really suit the era of the car

One working nice and bright brake and taillight

Quick video below of our days work....

Many thanks once again Ray, your help and knowledge around these old vehicle is priceless.

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  1. Don't you mean holding up fast moving traffic.

    Heh heh, only joking, a good day.