Friday, June 22, 2012

Unregistered Vehicle Permit


With the wet weather holding off but still very overcast I quickly had breakfast washed down and I was out the door on this gloomy Saturday with the unregistered vehicle permit in my hand and I was headed right for the resto shed.

With a few tools thrown in the back it was time to give ole Monty a bloody good test drive and sort out the bugs if there were any to sort out.
First stop was the local servo for a fresh tank of fuel and the first full one in quite some years and by now I was starting to worry a little at the amount of WTF looks it was attracting as we sat in amoungst the modern vehicles.

I now had one destination in my mind so it was onto the main Princes Hwy, where we headed east as we made our way out of town for the shortish drive up to the cemetry on top of the hill.....

Then it was back down through Trafalgar where I quickly called into Mums house for a chat and showed her the Chevy again as she likes to keep up to date with the resto and then I was onto the touristy township of Yarragon before the crazy weekend traffic arrive where I parked Monty in the main street, grabbed myself a hot coffee and by this stage I was grinning from ear to ear...
As I sat across the road enjoying the cuppa I was a little taken back by the amount of people that would slowly cross the street a wander over and have a good look at Monty as he quietly went about his business of pissing hot water onto the road from the radiator overflow outlet as you can see in the photo...... Love it :)

With the windscreen coming a little loose on the way home and me having covered 20 miles already I quickly headed for the resto shed where some running repairs were sorted and then I was off again.
In total I had covered 48 miles before my day came to a sudden stop, I pulled up at a corner and went to take off and nothing happened, I had no clutch at all, I could dump the clutch in 1st gear and not move anywhere..... BUGGER and 12kms from home.

I give Ray a call from the side of the road and I am soon told that "You ain't go'in anywhere sunshine, Ya done a clutch"........Hmmmmmm SHIT!

I quickly give a mate a call who lives around the corner and within 20 minutes I am sailing down the road under tow behind his V8 Jeep and we headed straight for the resto shed.
Once home I ring Ray back and have a chat about it and run through what and now the car was travelling up to the point of nothing.....
Ray tells me that he has all the spare parts to replace the clutch, "what doesn't that bloke have in his spares shed" and so now it is planned for a another good Sunday in the resto shed tomorrow.

So looking back on the test drive, yes the motor goes very well, starts great, will sit on 45 -50 mph easily, the brakes are good and getting better, even though it was a cold 10c degree overcast day, I had on my good BMW motorcycle riding jacket, beanie, and gloves and it was fine in behind the windscreen but it did not rain and that would be a different story

I keep you posted.........

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