Sunday, June 24, 2012

Resto: New Clutch Installed


Well we don't muck about around here and come 8.30am Ray and I find ourselves standing in the resto shed for another Sunday morning working bee on Monty, make that another cold windy Sunday morning which Gippsland has kindly turned on for us again.
Like I mentioned in the previous post, yesterday while out on my first official "test" drive the clutch decided to stop working altogether without any warning to me, although I suspect there were some small warnings but I was untrained to notice these, but not any more after discussing this with Ray, but the clutch literally just through in the towel.

So now on this windy cold Sunday morning, we both stand there chatting and begin weighing up our options for the hours ahead as the clutch and gearbox are to come out, cleaned up, repaired and re-installed by 5pm..... so we begin.

With the floor timbers removed we begin to dismantle parts like brake linkages, leads, many nuts and bolt from this and that and with Ray calling the shots while busily working from one side for the car, I follow them from the other, all the while watching and learning as we go and once again his years of knowledge with 1928 Chevrolet"s and technical advice comes into it own on a jobs like this as we soon get into a groovy and making great time....

The tail-shaft is next unbolted and pulled back and few inches then raised up and sat into a position to give us enough room to unbolt and pull the completed gearbox, cross member and clutch cover back all in one go... 

With the gearbox, cross-member, and clutch cover now moved back and lowered down onto the padded trolley we could now get into the clutch housing and have a look about, but first we located the gearbox up onto the workbench so that I could get to cleaning up some parts..

While Ray was inspecting the damage to various parts, I got to cleaning out the inside of the clutch cover, which once again as with everything on this old car when pulled apart is covered in crud and dirty black greasy shit

Below is after a quick clean and soaking with degreaser, so next I used the air compressor attachment with a small wire bush attached, it came up really clean and nice and with a quick inspection and once over by Ray it was ready to be re-installed back on.

Now's a good time for a hot cuppa around 11ish and we're making good time.

With that all cleaned and ready to go it was now back to the car, and get a look at all the reddish fine dust inside and covering the flywheel, time for another clean up by the look of this.

After some compressed air and a good going over with the wire wheel which works a treat, we soon had the new clutch plate installed and ready to be all bolted back together.

We had it all installed and back together by 3.30pm which was the time when Ray headed off down the driveway and up the street for a good test drive, I then stayed back and started to clean up the shed, pack all the tools away and sweep up the floor and it wasn't to long before Ray came driving back in with a smile on his face and declared that Monty was now fixed and ready for the road once more.......

Listed below are the items that needed attention as list by Ray.

Replace the clutch plate.

Replace the carbon thrust washer.

Retighten all casing bolts, one of which had come loosen and allowed the actuating lever to mover and ream out the carbon thrust washer.

Very sparingly lube a very dry spigot bushing.

Clean up both the pressure plate and flywheel surfaces.

As always Ray I cannot thank you enough to your help, each time you having to travel out from Melbourne for the day which is a 3 hour round trip in itself... I've said it before and I will always be letting you know mate, that your help is very much appreciated... Cheers

BTW here is quick video of how to finish off polishing the Flywheel, it's not the safest but it certainly is the quickest.


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