Sunday, August 26, 2012

Resto: Started On The Seats


I spent a few hours on this cold, wet Sunday out in the shed picking off all the original old rusty fine wire mesh that covered the four seat frames. I had previously removed all the old stuffing or what was left of it ages ago so now I will clean up the wire springs and have it all ready for when I send it off to the upholster in Melbourne for the new matt black distressed look leather interior with black door coverings and charcoal grey carpet.
So you could say we are getting nearer to the end now and by end I mean registration, as this old car will be a life long hobby that will never be finished....


  1. i like the look of bare springs, perhaps covered in clear plastic, certainly would be different..

  2. Gidday Pete, I have just sprayed the seats with rustbuster and they have come up pretty good, and yes the bare springs look really neat..
    Will post up some more info soon, Cheers