Sunday, August 26, 2012

20,000 visits.... Who'd A Thought

Surrprised?  Hell Yes!

Like I said "Who'd a thought" this blog about an old chevrolet car would get 20,000 views over an 18 months period, not me to tell you the truth.
I basically started this blog for the family to look in on from time to time, to have a few photos of dad on the internet to keep his memory going and also his old car but like all things and good plans they can change and grow and this one certainly got rolling along a little quicker than I originally planned as I thought it would take me about 5 years plus to get this car back on the road.... Hmmmm

Thanks to each of you that have followed this resto and I hope that some other people restoring old chevies can get a great deal of use from the photos and info which are worth their weight in gold when you are not to sure how to go about fixing something but have it all dismantled on the workbench in front of you, photos are very helpful to look back on.

And many thanks to my lovely wife Lisa and two kids, I know I bore them stupid with the constant ramblings and bullshit about this old car, they have been great and extremely understanding for putting up with me over this time....... It's nearly finished, just another couple of months :)

Many thanks and like I said..... "Who'd a Thought"

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