Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Resto: Internal Timbers Nearly Completed.....


Well my four timber corner sections, two for the front seat and two for the rear tub arrived in the post the other day, so now I can finish the interior timber of the Chev, I tried to make these two seat corners section twice a few months back and gave up, they bet me and I hung my head in shame....
I am no woodworker and they look relatively easy to make but there are many different angles and cuts on each one, so I cheated and had Peter a cabinetmaker who also happens to have all the 1928 timber pattens on file make them up for me and when you hold one in your hand and look at the shape of it, well yes they do look tricky......

Over the last few nights I have been playing around with them and having a "fitting" you could call it, taking my time to get them in postion, sitting just right, and also getting each one to marry in with my existing timber work that I made for the seat back supports. It will work out with a little sanding and shaping here and there.
Also I will by putting a 1" metal strap right around the top outside edge on the rear of the front seat, this will be screwed into the centre posts on each side and give the front seat more support.

Here are a few photos of where I am up to now...........

Once this is completed then I basically have to do the same to the rear section and that is fit the timber to the top edge of the rear tub and as you can see from the top photo there is no timber fitted now. The timber gives the car panels support and also it has the upholstery nailed/tacked into it..

A couple of good weekends and I should be finished,

Thank for taking an interest.

UPDATE : Work continues on the timbers
Front seat now completed

Rear tub timbers are now underway

Bloody dust from sanding

Drinks and a quiet time to sit back a have a good look at my days work.. Cheers

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