Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Resto: Interior Timber Work


Yep we are just about over the line with the interior timber work and that is a one big tick off the "to do" list which is getting shorter and shorter by the week..

The two front seat corners and also the two rear corner sections have been installed and are well and truly in place and not going anywhere, as all the panel work feeling very tight and strong. They took and good bit of sanding, but by now I know not to rush things, take my time and have a good long hard think about the problem before the ole "Bull at a Gate" mentality takes over.......

I only have the two corner brackets to install which hold the roof bows in place when the roof is folded down (not an issue for myself yet) and also I have to make up some timbers that run around the very top edge of the tub which the back seat upholstery gets attached and I am done.. D.O.N.E. done!!.

I decided to give the inside a spray over with Matt black primer even though the whole interior will be covered when the seats, side panels and carpets go in, I just like to keep things looking neat and tidy while I am working on it, plus also some primer on the screw and nail heads is a good thing.

Anyway here are a few pictures of where I am up to now and once again thanks for your interest..


Also in this below photo I have been playing around with my side mirror location and mounting bracket, but I think a test drive is needed.

Thank You

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  1. Looking good Grant. How about making the pictures a bit bigger??