Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Dead Easy" Tyre Pump


My cousin called in yesterday, he was going through his shed at home, you know having a clean out and came across this old thing... a "Dead Easy" tyre pump - patent 1917 from Battle Creek Mich. USA which he said I could have for the Chevy, Love It and THANKS!!

He remembers an elderly gentleman gave it to him many years ago when doing the same thing of sorting out junk so he brought it home, sat it on a shelf in the corner and forgot about it, as we all do from time to time.

I know these are very rare, this one works, pumps air well and is complete with hose and fittings, I have heard about them but never seen one before or for that matter seen I mounted onto the side running boards of a vehicle as they were designed to do, so I have now soaked it in WD40, gave it a light brushing and it has come up looking great and over the next weekend I will install it onto Monty which will be a straight forward job..


  1. grant,
    that's a great find, but where will you "install it" ? on the running board or in that new / old trailer that was saved from oblivion?

  2. Gidday Peter,
    On the right side running board next to the centre post between the doors, should look good there.... Cheers

  3. Gidday Grant, thanks for sharing, sorry for your loss by the way, I bought a dead ezy pump much later in Katherine NT this a hand single barrel pump and am chasing a leather bucket for it now much different to the one you have, cheers Dan Bates.Wamuran Qld 4512.