Saturday, February 9, 2013

Trafalgar East Farm


Dad and Gordon were good friends, Gordon worked at Fowler and Sons as the workshop mechanic along side dad and Uncle Digger for for many years before his sudden passing and weekend "clearing sales" were always a topic of conversation come Monday mornings around the workshop woodfire while overalls were put on and the days plans on what needed repairing were discussed, Gordon loved a bargain and so to Dad and Digger and they attended many a good sale in the Gippsland area together.

Today I receive a text from Gordon's family that they are having a "clearing sale" in one months time and could I please spread the word around the area over the next few weeks, so with that fresh on my mind I rang them back around lunch time, had a chat, then jumped in the chev and drove out there to their Trafalgar East property to have a look about the farm as I knew that there would be old rusty machinery but also I knew that Gordon had many years ago acquired one of dads first trucks from the 1950's, a 4x4 Commer, I knew it was sitting in his paddocks somewhere and I wanted to get a photo of the old rusted thing before someone dragged it away, to restore or most likely scrap, you see, this is the original "Old Albert" winch truck.... Tis a legend around these hills

Here pictured below is another old truck that Dad and Uncle Digger had for many years which they used to transport buildings and whole house around the area, it is a 4x4 Leyland.

And another old Commer that was dragged out across the paddock

Yes this will be like no other clearing sale in the area that I know of for quite some time, with very old antique tractors, crawlers, tractor cranes, cars, machinery and stationery engines of all kinds being pulled out of the sheds were they have sat year decades and now lined up across the freshly cut paddock in rows.
All the while I had a keen eye looking out for old Chevrolet parts while I walked about the long grass around the sheds and bloody snakes to but I was out of luck today with the parts, but found it very interesting just the same wandering about one man's lifetime collection.

Below are some more pix, Cheers.

While I was wandering about another couple came over and asked if they could get a few shots of Monty.

Again I had another great few hours.... Cheers

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