Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Resto Shed


Not that its untidy or in a state of disorder to find that needed part or tool, far from it actually, well the complete opposite to be honest as I am a crazy neat freak in the "Resto Shed", just ask my mate Ray Dean about putting hand tools down when finished with.....
Anyway yesterday after the rear wheels were re-shimmed and bolted back up on the Monty and started to tidy, rearrange and shift a few things around to give me a little more room as you do, my two large main workbenches are on castors which is great as I can move the car outside if needed and then bring the whole bench with me right beside the car..
Found a few things, hung a few more things on the walls, changed some old signs around, gave the floor a bloody good clean and I had a little fun..

1 comment:

  1. Crazy neat freak, who said that?

    I wont hear such a thing about good old Grant. Find your own description fellas. That's my line about his condition.

    Its like walking onto the set of Steptoe and Son, no horse though, but a fair bit of Horse S***

    Cheers to you Harold, sorry I meant Grant.