Sunday, May 26, 2013

BMW K1100LT - 1993


A couple of months back I brought this 1993 BMW K1100LT, I had been looking and searching the classifieds for a while but actually for a different model because I really like the look of the RS model and having never ridden a K bike BMW also known as the "Flying Brick" before I was a little curious but this came up cheap, very cheap and it also needed a few things done to it as the previous owner basically gave up trying to sort out the annoying problems and this suits me just fine as I like to fix something up and get it running nicely again.

Cosmetically it is great, mechanically fantastic as it is very smooth and quiet, but there have been a few electrical, ABS brake and electronic speedo issues which I have sorted except for the ABS brakes, but I am slowly working my way through it and cleaning up everything as I go.

New brake pads and fluid, new fork oils, also motor, tranny and final drive oils all changed out, fuel tank flushed, radiator and cooling system flushed and serviced, all wiring connections cleaned, traced and sorted, heated hand grips repaired, electric screen repaired, front headlight repaired and again most of these were just small wiring issues like a broke wire or loose connection that needed some TLC to find, simple really.

I have removed most of the fairing panels at various times and just got in under there and clean the hell out of everything and again WD40 was my friend for this.

It has travelled only 153,000kms which is not much for this bike as these 1100cc 16valve motors are considered very bullet proof and extremely reliable from what I have read, time will tell I guess!

I kept all my riding gear except for my helmet from when I sold my last old Beemer 18 months ago and the other day I brought a lovely "Systems five" BMW helmet from my mate in Melbourne, thanks Steve.

I am aiming for a roadworthy and then registration in early September, so basically I will sit out this winter and just keep cleaning it up.

Has been and is my winter project - Cheers

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