Saturday, June 1, 2013

1928 Chevrolet Gets New Tapered Bearings Installed


Normally ones to plan a day in the resto shed with an early Sunday morning start, Ray and myself opted this time for a 2pm Saturday afternoon start as we only had a small but precise job to complete on Monty and in the end we were completed, packed up and Ray was heading back to Melbourne by 4pm.

Yes my new "modern" tapered wheel bearings for the front wheels arrived from the Filling Station in the USA through the week, so in they went today and they fitted like "a bum in a bucket", packed with new high temp grease and ready for another 80 years of service.

New tapered bearings verses the old style ball bearing

And again this is why the new bearings were needed in the first place - Not a good look!

Another job done!  - Thanks Ray and Cheers

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