Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1927 Pontiac Starts Again


A few months back I received an email from a bloke in South Australia who was restoring his fathers 1927 Pontiac and I made a post about this on here and included all the photo which are down the page a few posts back if you would like to look and have a read about his resto progress so far.

Well another email landed on my desk this morning again from Ryan and over the weekend they fired up the Pontiac for the first time, Ryan wrote:

"G'day Grant,
We reached an exciting milestone last week! After being pulled down and rebuilt the engine started! It wasn't exactly on the first go but after a bit of distributor and carby tweaking she ran well! Still a few jobs left and then we'll be heading over to Melbourne for the top and seats to be trimmed!"

Great effort Ryan once again and like I have mentioned before, its alway a wonderful feeling to start and hear a engine burst into life after being silent for many years.

Cheers Grant


  1. A beautiful restoration, and a credit to Ryan. This is going to be one sweet car.



  2. Certainly looks very nice indeed..