Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Favourite Tree


After our day yesterday installing the new "modern" front wheel tapered bearings I was a little keen to get out for a test drive to see and feel the difference they made, so I quick trip up to our local "Super Cheap Autos" store for a tube of grease was a good excuse than any even if it was a little wet outside on this 2nd day of winter here in Oz.
From what I noticed about the new bearings is that that ride seemed to feel smoother and the steering felt more direct but also smooth when turning, and in saying that this could very well be just my mind telling me that from what I have read about these bearings, but it was definitely nice and smooth today and I travelled along the same road that I have passed over many times before.

Anyway on the way home I decided to swing by my favourite tree for taking photos under with the Chevy and yes I have taken a few under it and posted them over the last 2 years but never when the yellow leaves from autumn were this bright and also like this on the ground, they looked great so up the curb we bounced and across the parkland I drove before anyone noticed..

Many thanks and Cheers Grant

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