Saturday, January 18, 2014

Have Been Looking and Found One


Over the new years holidays the family jumped in the modern car and took a few days R&R over in the small touristy town of Daylesford which is only about 250kms away.

There are plenty of old-wares and collectable shops that you can get lost in a for a while plus some great cafes dotted up and down the streets so a lovely coffee is never to far away if needed.

I found lots of quirky old items for around our house and some great ideas for future projects in the garden but one thing in particular that stood out for the old Chevy was this small metal trunk for the rear luggage rack, its perfect for a few tools and spares instead of having to store them on the rear floor area.

I came home a gave it a squirt and wipe over with some WD40, yes its always WD40! and then I glued one large piece of 5mm thick black rubber to the underside of it to stop it rattling and moving about on the old uneven metal luggage rack supports and also I still have to raise the number plate a little more to keep the police happy and with the patina and dents included in the price, it certainly suits Monty down to the ground.. Cheers


  1. Dear Mr Fowler,

    Do you have any plans to paint your Chevrolet, and if so, what color would you have in mind.



  2. Gday Chris - No plans at all to paint it while I'm alive, maybe the next caretaker of this car may have different ideas one day but for me it will be left just as it was when we rolled it out of my dads shed...

  3. Hi Grant, love the old trunk on the back of the Chevrolet.
    My brother gave me a trunk in about the same state as yours, the hinges were broken off and also the locking leavers on the front. I spent many hours making new brass locking flaps and hinges and then painted the whole thing with POR 15. It is now bolted on to the rear luggage carrier and even has "dummy" leather straps for looks only.
    How is the trailer coming along with the wheels that you eventually found?
    BTW you have some amazing photographs with clever effects, I always enjoy looking at this blog, its my favorite..
    Peter blueyau