Sunday, January 12, 2014

Monthly Sunday "Breaky" Car Club Meet - Gippsland


What a great turnout it was again on a lovely Sunday morning, I would think that close to 80 or so classic cars of all makes, models and ages gathered around the public car park in the Warragul town centre from 8am onwards for a few hours of banter and bullshit with the owners and like their cars, the ages of the owners varies a lot which is great to see... A great bunch of blokes!!

Today I laid my eyes on a couple of 1920 Sunbeams, yes big old cars indeed with one soon to get the restoration treatment again after its last 1960's makeover which no doubt will come up a lovely after talking to the new owner.

And the other Sunbeam, well not much to say really except "bloody hell"....

Its originally from New Zealand and comes complete with an aeroplane engine hanging out both sides of it and it sounded just amazing as it "taxied" into the car park and came to a stop and after a quick chat with the owner, I was told that when cruising at legal highway speed which is 100kph the massive engine is just ticking over at 1100rpms... How Nice!!

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